New blogger looking for readers!

I’m starting a blog to share what I’m learning in life!  I hope it will be inspiring and thought-provoking, and I know that writing words for others to read will force me to clarify my thoughts.  Win-win!  Subscribe to my blog if ur feeling it!

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I’m excited to introduce my blog to you and thank you for giving me some of your time!

I used to keep a journal consistently.  For about the first 10 years of my adult life I would fill up one of those wide-ruled composition notebooks every year like clock-work.  I found great value in putting my thoughts in writing.  Journaling was a tool for clarifying my thoughts regarding whatever issue was swirling around in my head.  But even more helpful than journaling was when I wrote something that I intended to ask someone else to read.  When writing something that only I intend to read, I can be lazy at times and not write clearly.  But that tendency goes away when writing something for others to read!  And that’s where YOU come in!

I love to distill the lessons I’m learning in life and to share what I’m learning with others.  I also know that the act of writing something for other people to read gives me incentive to write well.

With that, here is my vision for this blog:  I will share with others the things I am learning, become a better writer and communicator, and gain almost all of the benefits I used to get from journaling…by starting a blog!

That’s basically it!

So, thank you for taking some time to read my blog!  I couldn’t achieve the benefits I hope to without you–a reader.  Just one is all I need, not counting my mom 🙂

Until next time,





How long will my posts be?  I hope to keep my posts distilled and relatively short.  800 to 1000 words which is 3.5 to 4.5 minutes of reading. (this entire post is 505 words)

What will I post about?…  Pretty much anything from soup to nuts that I’m learning in my life and that I think might be helpful to you or you might enjoy reading!

How often will I post? (in other words, will you regret subscribing to my blog? lol)  DOI – Depends on inspiration!  Considering how long it takes me to write something worth reading, I’d be happy with once a month.  I may even post weekly from time to time.  We’ll see.

How long will this blog last?  🙂  Who knows!…  My goal is to write at least two posts (not including this one) and then to write one post about 1) my experience in beginning a blog and 2) my considerations about whether to continue this blog.  That may be the end of my blog.

What have you liked about blogs that you have subscribed to?  Share in the comments if ur feeling it!

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